Computer Repair Services

Please find detailed specification of services provided by us. If you can’t find a specific one – please contact us via Contact Form.

  • On-Site Maintenance – This service includes, diagnostics, Adware, Spyware, Virus and Trojan Removal, and a PC Tuneup. We are extremely thourough, and work very hard to remove all malware without resorting to formatting your computer.
  • Computer Maintenance – Hardware testing and diagnostic perfomed to give you current condition of your computer, estimated life expectancy and of course cost benefit analysis for your business. If we are unable to fix the problem in 1 hour, we will let you know. We could then bring the computer back to our lab for diagnostics and testing. Our trip charge may apply (it is 50p per mile both way).
  • Laptop/PC Repair – This is a per component paid service for hardware replacement. Keyboards, RAM, and HDD/SSD replacement are most of the services provided. Hardware costs are extra and I can only advice where to buy it.
  • Software Installation – Software, user Programs are getting more complex as time goes by. So it is with Operating Systems. If you want to make sure that your programs are installed correctly we will be happy to install and configure it for you. If you don’t have your PC’s recovery disks, we will assist you in ordering them (installation media costs extra). We will re-install the operating system and all of the computers drivers, and back up your documents pictures and music before reinstallation for fixed fee. User Software need to be charge in per hour rate.
  • Virus/malware removal – Most of the computers come with a ‘free’ anti-virus that will expire someday and ask you for more money? We’ll remove your old anti-virus software and replace it with the latest free anti-virus software (usually AVG, Avast, Microsoft Security Essentials), and you will be free from further payments. If your computer has a virus, worm, trojan, ad-ware or any other type of malware, we can usually remove them all without formatting your computer and losing your data.
  • Speeding up and cleaning – If you struggling with new technology understanding, we will find you the computer for you that fits your needs and your budget also. We will also uninstall any trial-ware applications, trial antivirus, and slowing down software installed on the machine which is usally installed by the Vendor. We can also clean your old computer to make it run faster. Sometimes computer running slowly, cannot be caused by a virus, it could be due to a conflicted registry, and you may have too many services running. This service also includes cleanup of temporary files and a disk check. In some cases we could also run a stress test, and give you an approximation on the lifespan of your machine.
  • Network setup/installation – We will help you to plan your home or business network and if you wish – we could do the cabling also. We will securely install and configure your wireless network (up to 2 devices).
  • Business Rate – We also offer a special deal for Businesses, small offices and schools with multiple hardware. We offer a fixed daily rate or depending on how many and what type of repairs you need monthly fee. Please send us request via Contact Form with detailed information regards how many computers you need us to take care of and we will get back to you with an offer.

For the price list please visit this page – Computer Repair pricelist

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