Web Design

Price starts from £400

Starter Pack websites are for clients who need a simple but effective website.
We can build a modern, stylish website based on text, images and information about the business, in a minimalist way (3-4 pages, including gallery page – for example About Us, Services, Gallery, Contact). Designs are based on a template and your colour preferences.

If your company needs a lot more than 4 pages we can prepare website which can have information split into categories (for example: Services – Plumbing, Heating, Electricity etc.).
It will improve search engines rankings, and it’s great clients who wants to find specific information very quickly.
The final price will be dependent on the final amount of pages. You will be informed about it before we start designing process.

We also recommend to our new customers a SEO Starter Pack for additional fee which will give your website ability to be better visible on search engines.

eCommerce from £1500

Online shops – eCommerce – are the best way for your business to have your clients ability to order products/services from your website directly.
You can give your customers choice to pay for items online via the site with Credit/Debit Card, PayPal.
To make that you need to set up an Online Merchant Bank Account, who will charge a per transactional fee, and a Online Payment Facilitator who will provide the Gateway for payments to be made safely and securely (for example WorldPay, Global Payments etc.). This need to be done by you, so please ask your bank for details on how and which online account will be better.
Creating an online shop requires a few considerations – please speak with one of our specialists for more details.
There might be a lot of other companies selling similar products/items so be aware that you may need to use Google Adwords for advertising to help you improve your position on the e-market and sell.

We also recommend to our new customers a SEO Starter Pack for additional fee which will give your website ability to be better visible on search engines.


SEO Starter Pack

We can offer a SEO package only for website made by us. We can not be responsible for somebody’s work.

The whole process begins with following actions:

1. You need to give us a top three of your competitors which are present on the first page of Google, and we’ll look into what keywords they are using.

2. Both of us – you and we – need to pick keywords that will be tailored for your business and would be throw into the internet.

3. If you have a location based business we can figure out what areas of London are best to promote you.

Gathering all those information, using Google Tools, Analitycs and Keyword Planner we will do following:

1. Home page optimisation which will include titles, descriptions, image alt change to be relevant to your business and Google local searches.

2. In-depth on-page optimisation on three sub-pages of your website (suggested by you or us). All text within those pages needs to include keywords choosen on preparation process.

3. Review Google My Business profile or create new one according to current SEO practices and keywords choosen previously.

4. Add Social Media sites to your website giving it a higher rank in Google searches. We do not set up a social media accounts – we just need your login details.

5. Embedding all Youtube videos attached to your business on your website.

All those changes can take a few weeks, maybe a month to get your website on Google searches. To speed up this process you need to update your social media profile frequently and get as many people as you can to click on your website. In most cases, other companies that are in competition with you are on the internet a much longer time than you, so don’t expect to be on the first position in Google searches from the very beginning.

As a next step and a part of your SEO strategy, you may also like to consider hiring full-time SEO Agency which will do a full SEO Audit, monthly reporting on SEO activities, performance and watch your competitors to follow up with trends and activities. This option is much, much more expensive than our Starter Pack and you need to re-think if it is a right choice for your business.

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